TV Headphone Amplifier ~ TV Ears & Other Brands

TV Ears Long Range Wireless Headset System

  • Allows you to hear TV dialog without complaints about it being too loud
  • Allows you to control your own volume
  • Allows you to enjoy programs even if TV is muted
  • Is rechargeable
  • Has a 50 foot transmitter range
  • Lets you walk around or leave the room without missing any TV audio
  • Is a wireless headset
  • Works out of the box: Just plug it in and turn it on (no Wi-fi or Bluetooth pairing)
  • Is Suitable for mild, moderate and severe hearing impairment

Note: Personal sound amplifying devices are not intended to replace hearing aids.

Hearing aids can be expensive, especially if they are lost/misplaced and need to be replaced.  An amplifier costs much less and is more difficult to lose.

I’ve had a good number of residents use an amplifying device to improve their TV/DVD/CD experience. One woman found that removing her hearing aids and using an amplifying device made all the difference–she could actually hear the dialog and enjoy TV once again.


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