Laundry Baskets ~ Dementia Sorting & Folding Activity

Choose a Laundry Basket that’s:

  • Sturdy and Safe for individual(s) with dementia
  • Only used for this activity & labeled
  • Big enough to hold 2-4 loads of baby/children’s clothing, socks, small towels, infant blankets, etc.
  • Stores folded stacks when put away for another day


This activity helps people with dementia:

  • keep hands and minds busy
  • feel needed, useful and responsible
  • experience less boredom, depression, isolation

So, buy a Basket, fill it with small towels, children’s clothing (pjs, dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, socks), infant clothing (bibs, blankets, onesies) and see just how happy and confident your loved one/resident(s) can be!

Note: If you decide to hang clothing, use plastic hangers with supervision

Sorting and pairing Socks is another activity altogether! Find bright, patterned socks for easy matches!

For link to Children’s/Infant’s Clothing on Amazon click here:


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