JOY FOR ALL ~ Interactive Companion Pets ~ Cat


Interactive Companion Cat:

  • 4 Color Choices: Orange Tabby, Black & White, Creamy White, Silver
  • Cat-like movements and sounds: Opens/Closes eyes, lifts paw, opens mouth and moves head and body, and purrs
  • Soft, synthetic, brushable fur
  • Built-in Sensors: Cat responds to motion and touch, such as hugging, petting
  • Convenient Pet: No mess, food, vet, extra costs
  • Great Companion for aging individuals
  • Award-wining caregiver friendly award 2016, 2017 and has been appeared in the New York Times, People Magazine, The Baltimore Sun. And been seen on CBS, The Doctors, and heard on BBC radio


With 40 years of experience as caregiver and memory care director, I strongly recommend this cat.

Please see my review at

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