Activities for All Stages of Dementia ~ Keeping Busy

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Engaging Activities & Puzzles & Games for Older Adults by Keeping Busy

  • Not childish
  • Age appropriate
  • Fun & challenging
  • Build cognitive, logical & spatial reasoning
  • Adaptable for different abilities (full instructions detail how to present the activity and ensure there is sense of accomplishment and satisfaction)
  • Fully tested with seniors at various stages of dementia

Check out:

  • Expressions
  • Match the Shapes
  • Wooden Tangram
  • Making Waves
  • Kittens in a Basket
  • Match the Suits
  • Match the Pins
  • USA Map 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Match the Photos ~ Birds
  • Match the Dots ~ Dominos
  • Around the Bird Feeder
  • Bingo & Matching Animals
  • Easy Level Word Search
  • Fun with Dice
  • And many more more!


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